Sigma renewable energy

Ryan Dela

Renewable Energy Engineer
Subject Matter Expert

About Me

Throughout my career, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the renewable energy industry. As a grizzled veteran, I have dedicated myself to the field of applied engineering, and have become a specialist in a number of key areas.

One of my most valuable skills is my ability to solve technical problems. Whether it's a complex issue with a wind turbine or a solar panel array, I am adept at identifying the root cause of the problem and developing effective solutions.

In addition to technical problem solving, I am also highly skilled in Systems Engineering and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), which allows me to identify the underlying causes of complex issues. This skill has proven invaluable in my work as an Independent Engineer (IE) and an Owners Engineer (OE), where I am tasked with overseeing the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

Overall, my extensive experience in the field of renewable energy has equipped me with a wide range of skills and expertise, making me an invaluable asset to any project or company.

What I Do

Root Cause analysis

Every so often a serious problem develops in a machine or a system and a rigorous and scientific process is required to save the day. I am a master at working in systems and solving complex technical and operational problems in the renewable energy industry.

independent inspections

When the time comes for independent or specialized inspections, I am a strong candidate for your needs. From gearbox borescopes, turbine inspections, construction monitoring, or operational assessments I am ready to roll.

owners engineering

Perspective is everything when you are engineering a system. I particularly enjoy Owner's engineering where the decisions made represent an owner's perspective and drive the design of a site or a system to meet the owners needs.

My Experience

2023 +

Independent Engineer

Sigma renewable energy

I offer my freelance technical expertise to the wind, solar, and energy storage industries based on my extensive experience and talents. My areas of specialization include conducting Root Cause Analysis Projects, providing Technical Leadership, performing Operational Assessments, carrying out Technical Due Diligence, engaging in Systems Engineering, and providing Operations Engineering support. With my skills and knowledge, I can help businesses in these industries to improve their operations, identify and address technical issues, and achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.


Director – Operations Engineering

Orsted Onshore

I led a team that provided technical support for the Orsted US Onshore Asset Management team. Our focus was on operational wind, solar, and energy storage technical programs. From scratch, I built a diverse team of technical staff that supported the technical aspects of maintaining onshore utility-scale renewable energy power plants across the US. We had high expectations for growth, quality, and reliability. As the leader, I mentored my team while supporting other groups along the way. I believe that success is achieved by thinking in systems where a project's success relies on each team's contributions and the interfaces between. I always consider the big picture and make recommendations and decisions based on objective data and evidence whenever possible.


Team Lead – Asset Management and Operations Services

Wood - clean energy

I supported the Renewable Energy Operational Technical Services team in the Americas, providing consulting and engineering services to clients from Canada to Chile. I also supported the Galion scanning lidar systems and assisted oil and gas companies in their transition to renewable energy.


Senior Warranty Manager / Technical Account Manager

Siemens Wind Power / Siemens Gamesa REnewable Energy

I bridged the gap between commercial and technical sectors, resolved warranty claims, and established organized processes. I collaborated with stakeholders across departments to drive projects forward.


Senior Engineer – Turbine Assessment and Solar Groups

DNV GL / Garrad Hassan

At DNV GL, I performed wind turbine and solar technical due diligence, operational assessments, field audits, inspections, and independent and owner engineering. This included independent failure analysis, and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigations for insurance companies, banks, OEMs, and asset owners. It is hard to capture just how much work I did for such a broad spectrum of customers.


Wind Site Manager

EDPR / HOrizon Wind Energy

I managed day-to-day operations at the 101MW Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm in Union, Oregon, for the Asset Owner EDPR (formerly Horizon Wind Energy). The project has sixty-one Vestas V82 wind turbines and supporting infrastructure. I was the on-site owner representative responsible for day-to-day operations.


Field Engineer

Energy Maintenance service

Energy Maintenance Service (EMS) was an expert in the wind power industry, providing contract engineering and technical support. They had extensive experience in turbine construction, repair, and maintenance, as well as a quality assurance program. They collaborated with Clipper Wind Power and oversaw wind farm construction for Horizon Wind Energy. Their team had the skills to provide exceptional labor services in the industry.


Mechanical Engineer

TEsla Motors

I had the privilege of being one of the earliest members of the Tesla Motors team (#13). My main responsibility was to construct the first prototype of the Tesla Roadster and assist in developing foundational technologies that laid the groundwork for the company's technical progress. The initial Tesla Roadster prototype showcased the integration of lithium-ion batteries, AC Propulsion power electronics, and drive train technology into a converted Lotus Elise that ran on electric power instead of gas. During those formative years as an early employee, I contributed to developing numerous pioneering technologies and strategies that helped shape Tesla into the successful enterprise it is today. The startup environment was challenging, but it has been gratifying to witness the growth of Tesla throughout the years and see the realization of our aspirations that were initially conceived in a small office complex in Menlo Park and the founders' residential garages before we established our first workshop in San Carlos, CA, where we assembled the first few cars.


Mechanical Engineer

AC Propulsion

I was a part of an amazing design team and worked together with them I had the privilege of building high-performance prototype electric vehicles for various research and development programs, working with major automakers. During my time at AC Propulsion, I was involved in creating concept cars for the auto industry, such as the Volvo 3CC (which later became the Volvo C30), the Venturi Fetish, and the Tesla Roadster prototype. These vehicles relied on large arrays of Lithium-Ion batteries, similar to those used in laptops, a technology that AC Propulsion developed between 2002 and 2004. This groundbreaking technology played a significant role in the current resurgence and mass adoption of electric vehicles. My responsibilities at AC Propulsion included vehicle fabrication, system validation, testing, manual machining, welding, power system integration, battery system design, and lithium-ion battery control systems.


Project Engineer

Oregon REnewable Energy CEnter

I built and managed an applied research laboratory engineering space focused on renewable energy technology development and applications.


Field Engineer – Intern

GE Transportation Systems

During breaks in school, I worked as a field engineer at the Hinkle Locomotive Maintenance Facility in Hermiston Oregon supporting craft repair crews with locomotive troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of GE diesel-electric locomotives.